Sunday, October 11, 2015


After a 3 year break I'm back on the blogging bandwagon.

Even tho I have Facebook and Instagram I still want to Blog some things for myself.
To remember how I felt, good, bad, happy and sad.

I have learned so much about myself this year. It's not necessarily the way I wanted to learn things. But I am beyond grateful I am where I am today and what I have learned.
No I am no where near perfect and we all have our hard days. 
But I know that I get to choose my happiness.
I am the creator of my own happiness. Finally I am finding this out.
I haven't mentioned on here, but I have on my other social media accounts that I am so blessed with a great support system.
I know I wouldn't be where where I am today without all my amazing people.
I am so grateful for my family my parents for always loving and supporting me, for listening to me, for giving me advice, or just listening to me. To my sisters for being my best friends and listening ear, for comforting me. They are the best.
To my extended family thank you for constantly loving and caring about me.
I am truly blessed with the best circle of support.
I have been very blessed so spend so much time with my family this year. It's been amazing.

I want to thank all my great friends. They are the best. Checking on me. Seeing how I am doing... Answering all of my calls and texts.

My BFF Kiana Don is one inspiring woman. She has been my ROCK. My go to girl. My number one. She has taught me that its OK to be single. That is something I have loved. I am okay that I am just Tori and not Tori and (insert boyfriend's name here). I am so glad I don't rely on that. Seriously BFF thank you for being you! <3 p="">

Also in July I became an Aunt to the cute little one below me. I am OBSESSED with my dear sweet little Isabella. She is such a blessing in our family. She came at a perfect time.
I never knew I could have such a strong love for something so little. But I love her. She's definitely  the "current family favorite"

Anyways. enough for now..... Here's to my search of happiness.
Enjoy. So glad to be back in the land of blogging.

XO XO, Tori

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